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I tell heart-driven stories that center reciprocity in community.

I am a Hawaiʻi-based freelance writer as seen in Hana Hou!Nonprofit Quarterly, TripSavvy, and Rewire News Group

My multicultural background and studies in global citizenship backbone my storytelling work to bridge the gap for marginalized voices, especially AANHPI, to equally obtain access to resources, rights and representation. I've traveled to over 20 countries for grassroots, international exchanges in places like India and Indonesia to support efforts toward humanitarian and environmental justice.


Currently I am the Associate Director of Marketing for Partnering with Indigenous and Traditional Communities for The Nature Conservancy. In my previous role with the Partners in Development Foundation, I led the communications efforts for the Opportunity Youth Action Hawaiʻi', whose project, "Kawailoa: A Transformative Indigenous Method to Replace Youth Incarceration," was recognized as a global finalist for the Racial Equity 2030 Awardee. 

I am open to work, story ideas or connecting, contact me today—

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